KG Section:

In Kindergarten, emphasis is placed on the development of a positive self-concept, appropriate socialization and readiness skills. The foundation is laid for a happy and successful school experience. Fundamental skills in reading and mathematics are taught in an active and stimulating environment.

Activities conducted inside and outside the school help the students to interact with each other and be a part of the team.


     Elementary Section (Grades 1 to 3):

The educational program in the Elementary section follows a curriculum which aims to provide a continuous program approach and fully prepare the students competent enough to meet the challenges and vagaries of life in a rapidly changing world we share. We are committed to offering our students a unique learning environment, throughout the innovative as well as the traditional methods used by our qualified teachers and educators. We blend our teaching skills with fun through our monthly extra-curricular activities which facilitate an-overall development of the students.

    Primary and Secondary Sections ( Grades 4 to 12)

The curriculum in these sections provides challenging learning experiences that ensure all students have sufficient opportunities to develop learning, thinking and life skills that lead to success at the next level. The integrated curriculum motivates students to realize their full potential which is supported by creating learning environments that best suit the need of our students in a challenging, supportive, stimulating and caring atmosphere. Emphasis is laid on quality education, with spiritual and moral awareness.

The school uses internationally recognized curriculum text books of well known publishers and fully implements a collaborative and ongoing process for improvement