Our School Beliefs

We believe that every student is a unique individual who is exposed to multilevel instructional approaches. 


We believe that every student has the right to be taught by qualified and experienced teachers.


  We believe that a dedicated teacher can tactfully motivate the students to realize their full potential.


 We believe that punctuality and discipline are crucial for favorable learning.


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Clown Day:

Starting school is an exciting time for all children. It is an important step in a young child’s life. The role of Kindergarten education is to prepare children for the enjoyable journey of life-long learning. To energize and motivate the children a clown is invited to the school.
It is a fun-filled day with a lot of games and activities.
It is the favorite day of the year for children.

Pyjama Day:

Children wear pyjamas and bring one of their favorite toys to school. Children are taught how to make bed time fun, the importance of having a fixed time to go to bed and ensure they get the needed sleep.


Visit to a super market:

Kindergarten children are developing quickly and showing an interest in the world around them. They want to touch, and taste things. They are keen to learn about vegetables, fruits & baked products which provide them with nutrition.

Outdoor Picnic:

Outdoor activities teach the students the joy of learning. Outdoor time is important and essential for children’s’ growth both mentally & physically. It helps them build self esteem, relationships with other children and other essential social skills for daily life. They learn to enjoy nature.


Sport Day:

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Active play is essentially physical activity with spontaneous bursts of high energy.
Various sports & games help in building strong hearts , muscles & bones, develop movement & coordination, fosters social interaction skills and teaches healthy competition.

Field Trips & Fun Trips:

Children are active and natural learners. They are constantly learning through observing, exploring, discovering and investigating. They love riding in a school bus and going to fun parks where they spend time. Enjoying the various They learn social interaction skills and gaining more independence.


Farm Animals Day: 

A day when students come dressed in different farm animals costumes. They learn the names of farm animals, the food they eat and how these animals are useful to man.

Vet Visit: 

Children learn that animals are living things, they get sick and they need to visit a vet when they are ill.
The vet educates our students about the importance of taking good care of pets we keep at home.


Trading Day:  

As children grow up they learn the meaning of buying and selling . Trading  Day is a day that students understand the meaning of money and to use it in buying only what they need.